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Able to Lead: E.T. Kingsley Digital Archive < > 2015.

This SSHRC-funded website complements the scholarly monograph I co-authored with University of Ottawa professor Ravi Malhotra, providing a digital archive of rare materials relating to the social history of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, including the only complete online print run of the Western Clarion newspaper and other primary documents relating to industrialization, labour relations, and social change in the early twentieth century.

Canada’s Siberian Expedition < > 2010.

This Virtual Exhibition and Digital Archive engages non-scholarly audiences in the history of Canada’s Siberian Expedition, a forgotten moment in the history of Canada, Russia, and the world. Fully trilingual in English, French, and Russian, it combines an engaging interpretive narrative with teaching resources and a Digital Archive that preserves and shares 2,200 previously unpublished archival photographs and documents.

Project Partners: University of Victoria Humanities Computing & Media Centre, University of Victoria Dean of Humanities, University of Victoria Special Collections, Centre for Research on Canadian-Russian Relations, Arseniev State Museum of Primorsky Region, Far Eastern Federal University Centre for Canadian-American Studies (Vladivostok).

Speaking to a class of students
Ben delivers a lecture to History undergraduate students at Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia


Syllabi from a selection of courses I’ve taught:

University of British Columbia, History 303: The Canadian West

University of British Columbia, History 402: Problems in International Relations: History of the Peace Movement

University of British Columbia, History 490: Seminar for History Majors: Labour and the Left in BC

University of New Brunswick, History 3332: The Canadian Worker Since 1914

Simon Fraser University, Labour Studies 330: Special Topics in Labour Studies: Studying Labour through Film

University of Victoria, History 132: Canada Since 1867

University of Victoria, History 324C: British Columbia in the Twentieth Century

University of Victoria, History 358: British Columbia Since 1945: Power and Protest

University of Victoria, History 469: Social Movements in World History

Wilson Duff, “The Fort Victoria Treaties,” BC Studies, 3 (Fall 1969): 3-57.

John Lutz, “The Lekwungen,” from Makúk – A New History of Aboriginal-White Relations (UBC Press, 2009), pp. 49-87.

Jeff Corntassel and Cheryl Bryce, “Practicing Sustainable Self-Determination: Indigenous Approaches to Cultural Restoration and Revitalization,” Brown Journal of World Affairs, 18, no. 2 (Spring / Summer 2012): 151-162.

Lekwungen family, c. 1900